Thanapara Swallows hosts three interns from Czech Republic for two months. Marketa, Stepanka and Iva have arrived to Thanapara in the night of 4th June. The new interns are classmates from the university where they study International humanitarian and social work. A part of their studies is to complete the internship in NGO at least for six weeks.

Why did they choose the Thanapara Swallows? “I’m really interested in Fair Trade production so when I found the organization’s website it was clear choice. The organization offers many interesting programs so girls could join me and concentrate to their specialization.” said Marketa. “For examples Stepanka is interested in participatory mapping of water and sanitation and I would like to focus on combating domestic violence.” completed the answer Iva

Now the Czech interns work in Thanapara Swallows almost one week. What is their job description? “Now we are working on Public Relations of Thanapara Swallows uploading the websites. Also we are trying to figure out the management of organization and to get deeper understanding of it.” Explain Stepanka.

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